MINI Chocolate Bar Assortments - 4 bars (total Lb 0.218)

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Four of our mini Swiss chocolate bars make a great gift! (Total weight is 3.5 oz/ 0.220Lb/100 g.) Choose from the following:

Standard Chocolate Assortment - Milk, Dark, White, Praline (milk chocolate)

Dark Chocolate % Assortment - 66%, 77%, 88%, 99% 

Dark Chocolate Adventure Assortment -  Chili, Pink Peppercorn, Lemon, Coffee (all 55% cocoa)
If you'd like to make your own assortment, select any assortment and add a comment with your selection in the "Comment" box when checking out (be on the look out!).


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  • 5

    Posted by Jennifer Shabec on 16th Feb 2024

    Mini Chocolate bar Assortment

    I ordered the mini bar assortment. It had 2 mik-one with praline filling, one dark and one white. They all tasted great! High quality chocolate. I love milk and my husband loves white and dark so it was a perfect set to share!

  • 3

    Posted by Hannah on 20th May 2023

    4 bar pack

    I'm certainly no chocolate connoisseur, but I didn't think this chocolate was better than any other. We liked the lemon chocolate bar the best.

  • 3

    Posted by Bhavik Patel on 19th Feb 2016

    Could possibly do better..

    Order this for Valentine's day; and asked that the order be sent on Wednesday to arrive by Friday. They shipped my order on Monday without telling me, it wasn't until I called to ask why that they told me about weather and how they would try to inform me next time. The mini chocolates I ordered were: >Milk Chocolate- On average with other chocolates bought here. >Dark Chocolate-Richer than dark chocolates found around the area. >White Chocolate-The best out of the four, this white chocolate is amazing and one of the best tastings that can't be compared to around the area. >Praline filled-Was different that what I was expecting, it wasn't bad, but it was unique.