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Marzipan (varieties) (Lb 0.185, Lb 0.360, Lb 500)


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Product Description

MARZIPAN is a mixture of confectioners sugar and almonds, walnuts or pistachios. The Teuscher marzipan is made from 2/3 almonds (or pistachios or walnuts) and 1/3 confectionerí´s sugar. Most other marzipan are sweeter and cheaper. The colors of our marzipan are 100% natural í red from beet root extract and green from spinach extract.

Our pieces:

WALNUT: almond marzipan with bits of walnut mixed with white chocolate coated in dark chocolate with a walnut half on top

ORANGE: almond marzipan mixed with orange liquor coated in white chocolate

PLAIN: almond marzipan coated in dark chocolate sprinkled with almond bits

PISTACHIO: pistachios marzipan coated in dark chocolate

RASPBERRY: almond marzipan infused with raspberry liqueur coated in dark chocolate

POMPADOUR: pistachios marzipan with a layer of dark chocolate ganache coated in dark chocolate with a top of slivers of almonds mixed with honey

APRICOT: almond marzipan infused with Apricotine (Apricot Liqueur) with a layer of milk chocolate ganache and on top a strip of apricot paste soaked in Apricotine as well. Milk chocolate coating.

CHILI: a center of chili pepper paste surrounded by an almond marzipan mixed with Chili pepper. Half coated in dark chocolate.

MILK MARZIPAN KISS: marzipan with a kiss of Amaretto coated in milk chocolate


Our assorted boxes include a variety of our pieces listed above. In case we are out of a specific flavor we will replace it with another one.