Chocolate Truffle - Mushroom ?

Chocolate Truffle - Mushroom ?

Did you know that Chocolate Truffles were named for their resemblance to the Truffle Mushroom? 

The ganache of the first truffle was formed into round shapes and rolled in cocoa powder. The look of the truffle with the cocoa dusting was similar to the Truffle mushroom pulled from the earth, hence the inspiration for the name 

Truffle mushrooms grow near the roots of oak and hazelnut trees and are so highly prized for their aroma and flavor they can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars per pound. The Black Perigord truffle from France and the White Alba truffle of the Piedmont area in Italy are considered the finest in the world. These special mushrooms are used sparingly for their intense unique earthy flavor to elevate the dining experience.

Legend has it the chocolate truffle was created around Christmas in the late 1800's in France. The main component of a truffle is the ganache filling which is a mixture of chocolate and cream. The diehard chocolate truffle purist swoons over the original chocolate in chocolate combination. However, truffles can be infused with a myriad of flavors that seem to have no limits beyond the imagination.

Whether it is a mushroom or a chocolate treat, the mere whisper of the word 'truffle" is universally recognizable as a deliciously luxurious experience.